Hato agri lighting

Beleuchtungssysteme für die Landwirtschaft

Die hochwertigen Beleuchtungslösungen von Hato erschaffen eine angenehme Umgebung für Mensch und Tier.

Hato project lighting


Architects and designers chose Hato’s Uni-Q range for Q-Park, Amsterdam International Airport Schiphol, the city of The Hague and many other projects.

Hato lighting solutions

Lighting solutions:

Hato’s tailor made solutions mirror each specific business need, from LED lighting for perfumery departments to outdoor lighting for ATM’s.

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          The new and unique PULSA LED light is the ideal solution for broilers and breeders.
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06-11-2013 LED headlight
Are you looking for a a nice give away for your customers? Hato B.V. offers the opportunity to personalize LED headlights with your company logo.
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06-11-2013 Sales Coordinator
Hato B.V. welcomes its new Sales Coordinator, Irene Macian Diaz. Irene will strengthen the sales team with the intern sales process.
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06-11-2013 Space Rennes
The 27th Space exhibition from 10-13 September 2013 in Rennes is a fact.
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06-11-2013 Digital invoice
Most of our customers receive a digital invoice.
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06-11-2013 Christmas and New Year h
We would like to inform you that Hato B.V. and Hato Lighting Solutions B.V.
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06-11-2013 2013 Webshop
We invite you to visit our webshop. The webshop offers a complete overview of all our products.
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Hato BV will exhibit at the “SPACE” in Rennes, France from 10 up and including 13 September 2013.
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01-09-2013 MEGASCOPS
The MEGASCOPS is an intelligent, strong LED solution that ensures perfect sight and light.
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01-09-2013 IBAN number
In February 2014, IBAN will become the new European standard for bank account numbers. IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number.
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01-09-2013 Contact details by depar
To easily answer your questions, please find below a list of contact information for each department. Sales: Robert Verberkt E-mail: r.
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