Hato agri lighting

Agricultural lighting:

Hato’s high-quality lighting solutions create a respectful environment for humans and animals.

Hato project lighting


Architects and designers chose Hato’s Uni-Q range for Q-Park, Amsterdam International Airport Schiphol, the city of The Hague and many other projects.

Hato lighting solutions

Lighting solutions:

Hato’s tailor made solutions mirror each specific business need, from LED lighting for perfumery departments to outdoor lighting for ATM’s.

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In 1974 HATO is founded in Tegelen, the Netherlands. Founders Hay Roodbeen and Ton Elsenberg lent their names to the company and delivered cables and fittings to the agricultural sector

In 1981 HATO expands its portfolio with solutions for mushroom houses

In 1992 HATO moves to the Trappistenweg in Tegelen (NL), enabling the expansion of a very successful business

In 1995 HATO starts to develop a revolutionary fitting for ANWB, the Royal Dutch Touring Club

In 1996 HATO acquires Industrial Tube Lighting (ITL), a company mainly active in the poultry industry. Consequently, HATO moves to Slootsekuilen in Beringe (NL)

In 1997 Paul Obers – today Director and owner of HATO – joins the company as a partner. Obers first joined the company in 1982 as a seasonal worker.

In 1999 the company moves to Sittard in the Netherlands, where it is still located today.

In 2000 the Uni-Q range is included in HATO´s range as one of HATO’s proprietary brands

In 2008 HATO’s Lighting Solutions division is established as a response to increased demand for customized solutions. The knowledge and expertise that has always been part of HATO´s DNA is now formally offered as aprofessional and dedicated engineering service.

in 2012 HATO introduces new LED product line for the agricultural industry